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Operational manual

CARDY® PET: PC-based intelligent ECG system is carrying out traditional, laboratory ECG tasks: measurement, analysis, data storing, comparing.


  • Calculated parameters:

    • Heart frequency, QRS width, PQ distance, QT distance.

    • 72 amplitudes PPL, PMI, Q, R1, R2, S, ST, TPL, TMI in all leads

    • 24 time parameters Q width, S width, QR distance in all leads.

  • Analysis

    • Actual parameter are compared to normal values, the parameters out of normal range are marked

Technical data

  • Supply: AA type alkaline (2 pieces) or rechargeable battery

  • Supply current: 80 mA

  • No. of leads: 6 limbleads,CV5RL, CV6LU

  • CMR: >100 dB 

  • Frequency range: 0,05-100 Hz

  • Input range: +/-5 mV

  • Input impedance: 10 Mohm

  • Sampling: 500 /s, 10 uV

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