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PC based ECG system

The Cardy connected to a computer works as an intelligent – diagnostic – EKG system. The services of  the Cardy system:

  • Conventional (12 electrode) EKG monitoring on a PC monitor.

  •  EKG monitoring:

  • The calculation of time and amplitude parameters.

  • The diagnosis according to rhythm and form analysis.

  • Graphic comparison: visualization of more than one graph.

  • Saving graphs in database.

  • The import/export of graphs.

  • Printing of graphs, parameters, and diagnosis in A4 format.

The PC-Cardy connection is achieved through a infra unit: the Cardy’s built in infra unit provides communication with the PC with serial infra port. This up-to-date connection also fulfills safety standards: the patient is not in galvanic connection with the computer.

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