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Your home ECG device

You must have an automatic bloodpressure meter.
 And Home ECG?

  • Smart ECG device!
    • Built-in intelligence gives you accurate medical advice when you need it, where you need it!
  •  No phone connection necessary!
    • Diagnosis is done by Cardy’s smart system and not by your doctor, so you can get results without having to connect your device to the phone!

  •  No subscription or monthly fee!
    • Once you have Cardy at home, you don’t need to pay an expensive subscription

"As easy as taking your own blood pressure"

The patient takes his or her own ECG measurement at home

The measurement is immediately analysed, and the diagnoses is compared with the reference curve. Depending on the differences, CARDY® displays one of the three following messages:
"No change",
"Small change",
"Significant change!"

CARDY® stores these measurements.

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